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Data Protection Policy

IVYNet Ltd. (“IVYNet” or “we”) is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals who visit its website ( and customers who make use of IVYNet’s products and services, through the website or otherwise.

IVYNet Ltd. is licensed, to the use of software modules for all kinds of services and goods in Malta. IVYNet Ltd. is a company registered with the Registrar of Companies in Malta, with registered office: Level 2, 119 Sliema Road, Gzira GZR1635, Malta and registration no. C 84396.

This privacy and data protection policy are intended to provide you with information in terms of General Data Protection Regulation of the EU.


  • Data Controller


Ivy Net is the data controller of this website, and Ivy Net’s products and services offered through the website or at Ivy Net’s premises or the premises of its distributors and other commercial partners.

Personal data may be processed by other persons on behalf of Ivy Net (“processors”), in accordance with Ivy Net’s instructions. Ivy Net’s processors may include distributors of Ivy Net’s products and other business partners and service providers. Ivy Net uses service providers for the hosting the website, and for the provision of its products and services (including, without limitation, providers of know-your-customer (“KYC”) and due diligence services).

In addition to acting as Ivy Net’s processor, distributors or other business partners and service providers may process personal data in relation to Ivy Net’s customers as a controller in their own right. Ivy Net is not responsible for the processing of personal data by any person acting as a data controller, and such processing is not covered by this policy.

When we refer to “processing”, this includes collecting, recording, organising, storing, altering, using, disclosing and deleting personal data.


  • Type of information collected and purposes


2.1.        IP Address

We use services and tools to collect and analyse data on visitors and customers using our website.The Internet Protocol Address (hereinafter referred to as ‘IP Address’) comprises information with regards to the location of your computer or device on the internet and your internet service provider. This information is automatically recorded and will also include the date and time you visited our website, the web pages and services that you may have accessed on our website and may also include the website that you visited prior to visiting our website and other information. When your IP Address is recorded, the data collected is grouped with other logged IP addresses in order for us to determine the geographic location of visitors to our site, the period of time such visitors visit the site, the pages viewed the most and other matters. This enables us to administer our website, diagnose potential server problems, analyse visitor trends and customer behaviour and statistics and overall, to provide you with a better internet experience.

2.2.        Cookies

“Cookies” are small text files sent by a website so that the website can recall who you are; they serve as a memory, therefore, enabling a website to remember users who have already visited the site. Such cookies are stored on the user’s computer. There are two types of cookies, session cookies and persistent cookies, the former being temporary and remain in the cookie folder on your hard disk until you close your browser, whilst persistent cookies last longer and remain on your hard disk until their pre-set lifetime expires or until they are removed. We may use both session cookies and persistent cookies. You can choose whether to accept cookies or not. You can also set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie or reject a cookie. If users reject the cookies, they may still be able to use our website; however, they may be limited to certain areas of our website.

More detailed information about cookies and similar tracking technologies is given in our Cookie Policy.

2.3.        Web beacons

Web beacons are small image files on a web page that are placed on a website or in an email. Web beacons are similar to cookies and are used to track the online movements of the users. These are invisible and you can render them ineffective by changing the browser’s cookie settings to refuse cookies. Web beacons can collect information such as an IP Address, your computer’s operating system, the content viewed on the website and the time it was viewed, a browser type and the existence of cookies previously set by the server.

More detailed information about cookies and similar tracking technologies is given in our Cookie Policy.

2.4.        Communications

If you contact us, we will receive certain personal information such as your name and surname, address, telephone number, mobile number, and, or e-mail address. We keep this personal information provided to us in order to be able to deal with your request and to provide you with the information you require. We may also use this information to provide you with other information from time to time, that we may feel may be of interest to you and generally for direct marketing and statistical purposes.

We may record telephone conversations and use such recordings as evidence and to improve our services.

We will record communications via electronic mail (including via e-mail, text message or through the online facilities available on our website) for the purpose of providing evidence of transactions, the performance of our obligations under the agreement entered into with the customer (including the applicable Terms and Conditions), to improve our services and to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulation to which we are subject.

2.5.     Ivy Net’s products and services

We will process personal information related to you when you apply for any of our products or services and in the provision of our products and services to you. Such personal information will include, for example, name and surname, address, telephone number, mobile number, e-mail address, and information on your transactions and accounts.

We may also process information related to you or persons connected to you, obtained from third parties, in order to handle your application and for the provision of our products or services, in particular to verify your identity and any references provided to us and generally, to perform KYC and due diligence checks. We use providers of KYC and due diligence services and we may carry our searches on, for example, World-Check and Google.

Personal data may be used for the following purposes:

(i)  the performance of our obligations under the agreement entered into between you and us (including the applicable Terms and Conditions)

(ii)  promotion and marketing of our products and services

(iii) internal assessment and analysis, research, statistics and the development and improvement of our products and services

(iv)  to protect our services and products from illegal or unauthorised use or by unauthorised persons, and to detect and intervene in any such illegal or unauthorised use or access to our products and services

(v)  to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulation to which we are subject, including laws and regulation related to tax, prevention of money laundering and funding of terrorism, reporting to competent authorities, and compliance with orders from any court or competent authority

We are required by law to collect and process certain personal information related to you and persons connected to you, in particular in order to satisfy our obligations under the applicable laws and regulation on the prevention of money laundering and funding of terrorism. If you fail to provide the documents and information we require by law, we may not be able to provide you the products or services requested or may have to stop providing them to you.


  • Recipients of personal data


Personal data will be processed by our employees, officers and processors. Personal data may also be available, provided or disclosed to the following third parties:

(i)  our services providers, including (without limitation) auditors, professional advisors, KYC and due diligence services and providers of ICT services;

(ii)  persons you authorise to use your account and other persons acting for you or on your behalf;

(iii)  the issuer of cryptocurrency stored on CryptoWallet issued through Ivy Net and other persons involved in the execution of transactions or the provision of our products and services;

(iv)  Courts, governmental bodies, regulatory and other competent authorities.


  • Transfer of personal data to countries outside the European Union


Personal data may be transferred to countries outside the European Union (“Third Countries”), however, the Third Country has to ensure an adequate level of protection. This may be the case where such transfer is necessary for the provision of our products or services, for the performance of our contractual obligations, if we are required to do so by law or for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.


  • Links to other websites


Our website may contain links to websites operated by third parties. When connecting to such other websites you will no longer be subject to this policy but to the privacy and data protection policy of the other website. We are not responsible for the privacy and data protection practices of these other websites and we encourage you to read the privacy and data protection statements of each website you visit, which may collect personal information.


  • Security measures


Our website uses a Transport Layer Security (TLS) to ensure communication security over the internet. You should be able to see the padlock symbol in the status bar on the browser window, and the URL will also start with https:// depicting a secure webpage. TLS applies encryption between two points such as your computer or device and the connecting server. Any data transmitted during the session will be encrypted and then decrypted at the receiving end. This should ensure confidentiality and the secure transmission of data.

  1.  Your rights as a data subject

7.1.        Right of access

We will provide you, upon request and without charge, written information on the processing of your personal data, unless we are prevented from doing so by law. You may only make such requests at reasonable intervals, and the request must be made to us in writing using the contact details given below, and must be signed by you.

7.2.        Right to request rectification

Although all reasonable efforts will be made to keep your information updated, you are kindly requested to inform us of any material change in personal information provided to us.

We will rectify, block or erase personal data that have not been processed in accordance with the applicable law on data protection, upon your request.

7.3.        Direct marketing

You have the right to oppose, free of charge, the processing of your personal data for the purpose of direct marketing.

If you are a customer of Ivy Net, we may use your contact details to send electronic mail (including by e-mail, text message and through the online facilities accessible through our website) to market similar Ivy Net products and services, unless you have objected there to. You have the right to object, free of charge, against the use of your contact details for such purpose, when you apply for one of our products or services, or on occasion of each message if you have not objected initially.

We will not send any unsolicited communications by means of an automatic calling machine, fax or electronic mail (including by e-mail, text message and through the online facilities accessible through our website) for any direct marketing purposes other than as mentioned in the preceding paragraph, unless you have given us your prior consent in writing. You have the right to object, free of charge, to receive communications for marketing purposes sent by mail or any other form of communication, namely other than automatic calling machine, fax of electronic mail.

Should you not wish to have your personal data processed for direct marketing purposes, you are required to inform us accordingly in writing, by email or mail, using the contact details given below.

7.4.        Contact details

If you wish to exercise any of your rights as a data subject or if you have any questions, please contact us, by writing to us at Ivy Net Ltd., Level 2, 119 Sliema Road, Gzira, GZR 1635, Malta.

  1.   Changes to this policy

If there are any changes to this privacy and data protection policy, we will replace this page with an updated version. It is therefore in your own interest to check the “Privacy and Data Protection” page any time you visit our website or use the online facilities available through the website, in order to be informed of any changes which may occur from time to time.

What are cookies?

This site uses cookies. As clarified by the Privacy Guarantee in the FAQs in December 2012, available on, cookies are “small text files” – made up of letters and numbers – “that the sites visited by users send to their terminal (usually to the browser), where they are stored before being re-transmitted to the same sites at the next visit by the same person”. Cookies are intended to streamline the analysis of web traffic or to indicate when a specific site or a part of it being visited, to distinguish between their visitors in order to provide personalised content, and help administrators to improve the site and the browsing experience of the users themselves.

Through cookies we cannot access any other information stored on your device, even though that is where the cookies are downloaded. Cookies cannot be loaded with code of any kind, vehicles for viruses or malware, and are not harmful to the user’s terminal.

Below you can find all the information about the cookies installed by this site, and all the necessary information about how to manage your own preferences in this regard.

User Agreement

Connecting for the first time to any page on this website, the user will see a summary report on the use of cookies. By closing this information through the appropriate key or clicking outside the banner that contains it and continuing to browse, you agree to our use of cookies, in the manner described in this Cookie Policy.

The site remembers the choice made by the user, so that this brief information is not repeated in the subsequent connections from the same device. However, the user always has the ability to revoke all or part of the consent already given.
If you experience any technical problems related to consent, please contact us through the appropriate channels provided by this site to allow us to provide assistance.

What types of cookies do we use?

The use of cookies by the owner of this website, IVYNET, is part of the site’s Privacy Policy.

To allow the use of our site and the delivery of our services, we make use of both persistent cookies (i.e. cookies that remain in the memory until they are manually deleted by the user or for which there is a long-scheduled removal term) and session cookies, which are not permanently stored on the visitor’s computer and disappear when the browser is closed.

We use cookies of different types – with specific functions – that can be classified as follows:


(To release this kind of cookie the user’s permission is not necessary)
These are essential for the proper operation of our website and enable the user to browse and view its contents. Their deactivation could create problems for users using the site

(To release this kind of cookie the user’s permission is not necessary)
Typically, cookies of this type are required, for example, to keep open a browsing session or to allow the user access to restricted areas. Or, they can temporarily remember the text inserted while filling out a form when you return to a previous page during the same session.

(To release this kind of cookie the user’s permission is not necessary)
They allow the user to make the most of the special features of the site and benefit from a more comfortable browsing experience. The site works at its best if these cookies are enabled; you can still choose to opt-out and not allow their activation on your device.

In general, for example, this type of cookie remembers in which language you prefer to see our content or remembers (for a limited period) the items in the shopping cart if you close the session before you have completed your purchase.

(To release this kind of cookie the user’s permission is not necessary)
This cookie keeps track of the consent given by the user to the use of cookies on this site, so as not to repeat – in subsequent visits – the brief information on cookies, or the request to give consent.


(To release this kind of cookie the user’s permission is not necessary) 
These are used to collect information about the way users browse on our site. This information is analysed in aggregate form for statistical purposes.

They are not indispensable, but they are a great help for us in allowing us to improve our content and our services in line with the specifications that we obtain from the analysis of the statistics.

Third-Party Cookies

By browsing on this website you will receive both first-party cookies, and cookies from third-party sites, which may install cookies on your device on our behalf in order to provide the services they are supplying.

Third-party cookies allow us to obtain the most comprehensive surveys of browsing habits of users. We use these cookies, for example, to gather information for advertising and content personalization, as well as for compiling statistics on the use of our site and to evaluate your interest with regard to our specific content or services. More detailed information on these cookies is available in the tables in this document and on the respective websites of the third parties in question.

Statistical Cookies (third-party cookies)

The site uses Google Analytics (with IP address anonymisation), a web traffic analysis service provided by Google, Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway – Mountain View – CA94043 USA, which uses cookies to collect and analyse aggregated information to the users. Neither the site nor Google associate your IP address with any other data stored by them to identify you directly.

The information collected is processed by the Google Analytics systems in order to produce reports for site administrators, who use them to check the proper functioning of services and possibly the acceptance rate of the content offered.

If you would like more information on the policies applied by Google Inc. on data confidentiality you can click here; to disable statistical cookies thus preventing Google Analytics from collecting data on your browsing, you can download the appropriate add-on for the Google Analytics Opt-out here:

In the table below you can find details about the individual cookies and possibly deactivate them:

Social Plugins and widgets (thrid party)

Our web pages may contain plug-ins from the most popular social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) managed by third parties.

These plug-ins may for example include the “Like” buttons on Facebook or “Retweet” buttons on Twitter. If you access one of our web pages, with a similar plug-in, the browser connects directly to the third party servers and the plug-in is displayed on the screen thanks to the connection with the browser. The plug-in may communicate to the servers of the third parties whose pages the user has visited.

If a social network user visits our web pages while connected to their own account, that information may be associated with the account. Also, when using the functions of the plug-in (for example, by clicking the “Like” button), the information will be associated with the account.

In the table below you can find details about the individual cookies and possibly deactivate them:

How to configure your terminal

If you do not want to consent to the use of cookies, you must configure the browser to disable the receipt of cookies or not use this site. By disabling cookies, however, the site or some of its features may cease to work properly.

To change the way the cookies are used, to block their receipt or even to delete the cookies on your terminal, simply enter the settings section of your browser.

Most browsers offer the ability to accept or reject all cookies or accept only some (e.g. from specific sites).

Even though they use similar steps, the cookie configuration method varies for each browser. For details on the procedure to follow, users can visit the website or read the ‘Help’ section of their browser.

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